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The type of the interpretation of the nanocrystalline core and USES

by:Transmart     2020-05-09
An interpretation of the nanocrystalline core type and the use of nanocrystalline core has high permeability, high full magnetic induction intensity, low coercive force, low loss. Suitable for EMC/EMI filter, common mode inductor, high frequency transformer, frequency converter, current transformer, etc. In new energy categories, such as solar inverter, wind power and other places also has been widely used. Nanocrystalline disk with functions of high permeability. First used in the mobile phone wireless charging admission, shielding electromagnetic for mobile phones, reduce the loss of energy, improve the charging efficiency. Can also be used in other wireless charging category, wireless charger for car. Nanocrystalline disk the thinnest thickness can reach 0. Thickness of 1 mm, also can add in order to obtain higher functions, can be customized according to customer needs all kinds of standard and shape. Common-mode inductor with nanocrystalline core, high permeability, used in EMC common-mode inductor, EMI filter. Nanocrystalline core has a very high magnetic permeability, wide frequency response, high until 30 MHZ frequently have high permeability. Very suitable for EMC filter, common mode inductor, to restrain the common-mode noise. Compared with traditional soft magnetic materials, ferrite core, for instance, nanocrystalline core superiority, high inductance, good filtering effect, small size, less copper wire number of turns, high efficiency and energy saving. Epoxy coated nanocrystalline core relative core boxes, smaller volume, demand less of a copper wire, low copper loss, reduce capital, saving energy and saving space. Apply to the micro filter, common mode inductor, ISDN network transformer, network filter, EMC filter, IGBT/Mosfet driver transformer, transformer/filter hd camera signal transmission. New energy electric vehicle dc bus special nanocrystalline core, custom EMC oval amorphous nanocrystalline core, frequency converter of the magnetic core of EMI elliptic nanocrystalline core first used for common mode filter inductor, convenient directly through the bus. First used in between the inverter and motor, filter out high frequency noise, in order to protect the inverter and motor bearing, in the new energy electric vehicle powertrain, widely used in the charging station. Nanocrystalline core, nanocrystalline block made of 25 microns thick nanocrystalline with nanocrystalline block has low core loss and high permeability characteristics, suitable for high frequency transformers, inductors, sensors, wind turbine. Nanocrystalline core C, amorphous core C promotion products, with high full magnetic flux density, low coercive force and low core loss 20 KHZ, low noise, high frequency, suitable for the main transformer and output inductor, booster PFC choke. Alternative ferrite core. The standard can be customized. Gap of amorphous and nanocrystalline core, large current output inductor, PFC choke, appropriate differential mode choke, hall effect sensors concentrator, with full high magnetic flux density and low core loss level of interest. Low capital to replace high magnetic core.
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