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Two major part of the power transformer core loss

by:Transmart     2021-01-16
Two major part of the power transformer core loss - 2019 03 - 30 15:05:34 power transformer iron core loss is mainly contains two parts of the no-load loss and load loss. A, the no-load loss of transformer core is mainly including the hysteresis loss and eddy current loss of core material and additional loss a few parts, and since the no-load loss of transformer core belongs to the excitation loss, so has nothing to do with the load. 1, the hysteresis loss is the core material in the process of repeated magnetization due to the hysteresis phenomenon produced by the wear and tear. The size of the magnetic hysteresis loss is proportional to the area of hysteresis loop. 2, the eddy current loss. Because the core itself for the metal conductor, so because of the electromotive force produced by electromagnetic induction phenomenon will produce circulation within the core, is the eddy current. Due to the eddy current flows through the core and the core itself again there is a resistance, thus caused the eddy current loss. 3, additional iron loss. Additional iron loss is not completely determined by the transformer core material itself, and is mainly associated with the structure and production process of transformer core. Usually cause additional iron loss mainly include: magnetic flux waveforms of high order harmonic component, they will cause additional eddy current loss; Caused by mechanical processing of magnetic loss caused to deteriorate; In core joint and core column and iron yoke of T area occurs in areas such as the local loss increase, etc. Second, the power transformer core at runtime, winding through the current, load loss is produced. Transformer core is also called the copper loss and load loss in addition to the basic circuit dc loss, and the additional loss. 1, basic copper loss. For small capacity of transformer, the core is mainly refers to the basic load loss copper loss, leakage magnetic field caused by the additional loss ratio is small. 2, core additional loss. Additional loss mainly include the eddy current loss and core loss lead core winding and iron core stray loss of three kinds of loss: ( 1) Core winding eddy current loss. Large capacity transformer running, the winding ampere turns will produce a lot of leakage magnetic field. Part of leakage magnetic field refers to the flux through the air, part of the magnetic circuit is the core. As a result of the winding wire in leakage magnetic field, magnetic flux leakage will cause eddy current loss in the conductor. ( 2) Core wire loss. Core wire loss transformer core is the sum of all the lead resistance loss reduced. ( 3) Core stray loss. Core stray loss is leakage magnetic flux through the steel structure ( Such as pressure plate clamp pieces, steel plate, screw bolt and the tank wall, etc. ) Such as produced by the wear and tear.
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