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High permeability permalloy have? _

by:Transmart     2020-09-23
In the application, permalloy was wrapped around the telecommunication cable insulated copper conductors, permalloy core by improving the inductance of the cable capacitance compensation to reduce signal distortion. Widely used in the manufacture of cascade form of transformer core chip. The proportion of nickel may be between 35% and 90%, depending on the required performance, for low power transformer, the percentage of nickel is about 78%. The term of permalloy is ferromagnetic nickel alloy. In general, it refers to the iron content is about 20%, an alloy of nickel content is about 80%. Permalloy has high permeability, low coercivity, near-zero magnetostriction and markedly anisotropic magnetoresistance. Low magnetostrictive for industrial application is more important, in industrial applications, the variable of thin film stress otherwise it will lead to destructive magnetic bigger change. Permalloy resistivity is usually in the range of 5%, depending on the intensity and direction of the applied magnetic field. Permalloy usually has a face-centered cubic crystal structure, the nickel concentration was 80% when the lattice constant is about 0. 355 nm。 Permalloy core to read memory, has studied the coercive force of 0. 1 - 1. 0 oe permalloy belt core switch performance, corresponding to the heat treatment - the 300 ℃ temperature range 900℃。 Auxiliary field pulse to shorten the switch time of iron core and the auxiliary field pulse helps reverse magnetization magnetic domain nucleation, but has no effect on the transmission rate generally.
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