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How to check the alloy composition

by:Transmart     2020-10-12
Using a Phillips PANalytical X & # 39; Pert Pro diffractometer ( Working wavelength of 1. 5405) ( CuK alpha male) Collect arc melting polishing spindle X-ray powder diffraction ( XRD) Data, by scanning electron microscope and micrograph ( SEM) Get) , the use of Zeiss Ultra field-emission microscope, X - and use Oxford instrument Max EDX silicon drift detector is used to detect the additional elements ( EDX) To check the qualitative composition of elements. Then through the soft magnetic alloy under the environmental pressure and pressure induction melting and melt spinning ( 1 g/g) Arc melting casting to produce the ribbon. Argon jet ( Overpressure is 1 bar) Used in quartz from small bottle contained in the molten liquid. Using the typical experimental parameters and conditions are: length of 60 mm, inner diameter is 8 millimeter, diameter of 0. 2 mm quartz small bottle, starting ingot quality as 1 g, the nozzle and wheel vertical Angle of 20 degrees, nozzle spacing for about 1 mm with grinding wheel, wheel diameter is 90 mm, 50 - wheel speed 210 m / s。 Use these general conditions, the thickness of the ribbon is about 20 microns, the total length of about 6 meters ( A single discrete ribbon 10 cm in length) , width is about 1 mm. Use the guide magnetometer (quantum interferometer 鱿鱼,mpm XL5) At room temperature within + / - 5 T induction measuring carbon produced with in-plane saturation magnetization. Take carbon sample installed on the long diamagnetic PE pipe. In response to the second derivative of the gradient points collected data, there is no automatic tracking. B - SQUID with magnetic analysis H circuit tracer can be measured with the coercive force of (
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