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, how to select the key performance parameters of the current transformer is variable ratio and accuracy

by:Transmart     2020-05-24
, how to select the key performance parameters of the current transformer is variable ratio and accuracy of current transformer is a kind of special transformer, the effect of it is to put the big electricity flow into standard small electrical flow, mutual coordinate measuring instrument, calibration instrument and machine equipment such as automobile relay work. So to expand with instrument detection range and improve the credibility of the power supply circuit and the effect of safety factor. Current transformer wiring circuit principle diagram as shown, an electromagnetic coil current transformer string in a main power supply circuit, the second time connected to the instrument and auto relay electromagnetic coil are all series. Ordinary people are key to consider when using current transformer to change than these two performance parameters and accuracy. 1, variable than rated voltage current transformer secondary side is 5 a or 1 a, general situation to choose 5 a. Accurately measure current transformer common variable than 5/5, 10/5, 15/5, 20/5, 25/5, 30/5, 40/5, 50/5, 75/5, 100/5, 150/5, 200/5, 250/5, 300/5, 400/5, 500/5, 600/5, 750/5, 800/5, etc. , so how to properly choose current transformer of strain ratio? The power device of electric measurement instrumentation design code requirements in 'pointer instrument testing range of choice, should ensure that power engineering rated current about two-thirds of the meter scale. 'According to the standard at the bottom of the people to be able to use this formula to select current transformer than N. This formula to calculate the I for the electric control circuit of the larger load flow, 0. What are the implications of 7 heavy load 70% of the electrical flow marking refers to the dashboard, 5 for current transformer secondary rating current. Then on the basis of measuring the change ratio choose relatively current transformer ratio. I, for example, to 50 a, according to the calculation method can obtain N = 14. 29, so choose 75/5 strain ratio of current transformer. 2, the accuracy of current transformer accuracy and called precision, because the current transformer ratio deviation and angular deviation is difficult to avoid. The accuracy of current transformer on the values of the ratio of the percentage of the deviation limit. For example, 0. Level 5 of the current transformer ratio larger deviation is + 0. 5%. Accurately measure current transformer have 0. 1, 0. 2, 0. 5, 1, 3, 5 levels, maintain current transformer has a 5 p, 10 p level 2. The general situation, metrological verification 0. Level 2, precise measurement of 0. Level 5, general monitoring instrument selection level 1. Other people must pay attention to in application of current transformer, current transformer secondary side must be grounding device, avoid the side of a high pressure one secondary side, crisis machine equipment and life safety; On optical activity of one, two side of current transformer, optical activity thrust fault is a serious condition ablation instrument; Current transformer secondary can not guide, ban on secondary side circuit breaker installation, avoid the secondary side guide magnetic induction out high working voltage, crisis life security.
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