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The classification of the core reactor and the reactor USES

by:Transmart     2021-01-11
The classification of the core reactor and the reactor USES 2019 - 03 - 30 15:05:18 reactor in line is used as a current limit, steady flow, reactive power compensation, moving filter with a kind of inductive components, application is very extensive. Reactor according to core type can be divided into three categories: a. Hollow reactor. The reactor windings without iron core, but in essence is a hollow inductance coil. Such as line with the current limiting reactor ( Including split reactor) , circuit breaker, contactor and low voltage switch type test with the test reactor and series resistance wave in the high voltage transmission lines, often use this structure form. b。 Core reactor with air gap. The magnetic circuit is an air gap core, iron core column with air gap there winding outside. Such as compensating capacitive current shunt reactor, eliminate continuous current of the arc suppression coil, large motor step-down start reactor, flat wave reactor in rectifying circuit and electric furnace transformer matching reactor, three phase current balance in the reactor, often use this core type with the air gap. c。 Core reactor. Its core magnetic circuit is a closed. Such as double Y rectifier circuit connected with the balance of the reactor, pressure regulating and adjustable power with saturable reactor, moving coil of the resonance reactor and other products, often use this core model. A variety of products on behalf of its characteristics with letters in table 1. Table 1 reactor representative letter current-limiting reactor NK ping wave reactor LK split reactor fk1 - FK start reactor QK parallel and saturated reactor BK series reactor CK arc suppression coil X air-core reactor with no core, so there is no saturation phenomenon. Its reactance value in winding circle number, shape, and under the condition of same frequency, is always a constant, not by the size of the current with them. Since there is no iron core, winding through the unit current generated by the magnetic flux is small, so this kind of reactor inductance ( Reactance) Value is smaller, the volume is larger, more consumption materials. Core reactor with high permeability core, so in the winding through the unit of electric current when the magnetic flux is more, that is its inductance ( Reactance) Value is bigger, in the case of the same capacity, the size is smaller than the hollow type. Core reactor reactance can be used under type said: it's not hard to see, in the case of a given reactor, angular frequency & omega; , number of turns N, magnetic circuit cross-sectional area 'S, the average magnetic circuit length l and air permeability & mu; 0 is the same. But the core permeability & mu; Is change with reactor with changes in the current, thereby reactance X also changes according to the current. Core permeability & mu; Is nonlinear. Of core reactor is nonlinear, if you don't give full attention that will be a lot of inconvenience in use. For example, the match the electric arc furnace transformer series reactor, in use for short circuit through several times of the rated current, the reactance value will fall by a lot of, so will lose its current limiting effect. To this end, the reactor core with the air gap, and rated power flow in magnetic flux density can't get too high, in order to avoid appear under the condition of short circuit supersaturated. In addition, the core reactor reactance value is difficult to calculate. This is because the reactance value besides is a function of frequency and size of winding, also with magnetic conductor material, processing technology has a great relationship. With air gap of the core reactor is used more widely, because of taking advantages of the above two reactor: when magnetic flux density is not too high, the reactance value basically does not change according to the current size, or change is small, the volume is small.
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