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The method of winding magnetic core include

by:Transmart     2020-10-01
The invention relates to line around the magnetic core's winding. The invention core winding is included in the wire and the magnetic core is formed on the internal alignment Angle, makes the wire tightly wound on the core. The present invention also includes when wire winding on the core part of the hold on the magnetic core diameter wire, in order to make wire wound core is more number of turns. Compared with the existing skills, according to the present invention made magnetic inductance sensor can be increased, low temperature rise, the smaller size and showed less EMI noise. Ideal single inductor should have low temperature rise, high inductance and small size. In addition, has been found that by adding wire diameter, the total number of turns and reduce conductor size, can realize the characteristics of these expectations. In addition, because the width of the rectangle is smaller than the width of circular ( For a given specification) , so the rectangular line can be used to increase the number of turns of wire and therefore increase the inductance. A method of winding magnetic core, including: providing shuttle car is equipped with wire; Decorate a magnetic core, make the magnetic core of shuttle and shuttle through the core have outline; Provide a forming tool, the forming tool basically corresponding to the external contour by the outline of magnetic core is limited; And removed from the shuttle for wire rod with spiral winding magnetic core, and then before winding magnetic core, the wire winding on the molding tool, as defined by the external contour, to form a qualified it is on the wire, and basically defined the contours of the corresponding preforming part through the core.
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