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The purchase of magnetic ring inductors cannot fail to mention common precautions -

by:Transmart     2023-01-13

Regarding the price of raw materials for the production of magnetic ring inductors, few manufacturers have disclosed it. Although the prices of inductor raw materials in the market are mostly transparent, sometimes it will inevitably cause some inconvenience to announce the original price. After all, this is related to the profitability of magnetic ring inductor manufacturers. However, as the editor of an inductor manufacturer, I can leak some gossip. Let's not talk too much, just take a look at the raw material price of a magnetic ring inductor. First of all, let's talk about the price of the magnetic core of the magnetic ring inductor. A 6*8 magnetic ring inductor core is For example, the cost of this magnetic core is 7-8 cents per piece in my company, which seems not very high, but compared with other manufacturers, such a price is already very high, in the industry The lowest price of this core is about 1-2 cents. Therefore, some customers will inevitably face a situation. The price of the inductor obtained by the inductor manufacturer is low, and the magnetic ring inductor submitted for inspection is no problem, but the more used the magnetic ring inductor after delivery, the more problems there will be. According to the price of the magnetic ring mentioned before, let’s discuss the way here again. Regarding the fact that there is no problem with the inductance products submitted for inspection, the inductance manufacturers deliberately produce them or “produce” them from other places in order to ensure that they can be traded. commodity. Signing a contract with such a manufacturer may cause problems at the beginning, and then problems continue to arise. This is because, in order to reduce costs, inductor manufacturers quietly replaced the raw materials for inductor production 'a little bit'. Change the magnetic core of the inductor first, and then replace the silk-covered wire of the inductor after re-production for a period of time. In the face of such inductor manufacturers, even if customers conduct statistical surveys on batch inductors, they will basically meet the standards. However, the quality of the next batch of inductors will change differently.
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