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The use of amorphous nanocrystalline core has a long history

by:Transmart     2020-06-18
Amorphous nanocrystalline core has a long history, the use of the structure and properties of amorphous nanocrystalline core human understanding is not very clear, there are still a lot of the long-standing basic scientific problems. The fundamental reasons of the status quo in the amorphous structure of amorphous nanocrystalline core cannot effectively the experimental characterization. Characterization of amorphous structure become a bottleneck restricting the development of physical and amorphous materials. Transmart is an export-oriented company, customers in more than 50 countries. Most of our clients are from Europe and North America. We provide nanocrystalline steel, amorphous silicon steel and steel of high quality around the core. Product applications include common mode choke, hall effect current sensor, low and medium voltage instrument transformer, residual current circuit breaker, reactor, inductors, etc.
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