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Transformer E type iron core and C type iron core strengths and weaknesses

by:Transmart     2021-01-22
E type transformer iron core and C core advantages and disadvantages of 2019 - type 03 - 30 15:05:16 E type and E1 type iron core is currently in use morer iron core, its main advantage is the primary and secondary shareable winding of a skeleton. Have higher window space factor. Core of winding protection shell formation, winding is susceptible to mechanical trauma. Another core cooling area is larger, less magnetic field divergence sheen itself but it also has shortcomings, such as magnetic circuit gas gap is bigger, increase the magnetic resistance, lower the magnetic circuit performance. In addition, it also exists the leakage inductance of the copper wire, and the external magnetic field interference big shortcoming. C type iron core of the manufacturing process is: after the cold rolled silicon steel belt winding shaping, through heat treatment and diffuse stains closed iron core, and then cut the closed iron core. Form two c-type iron core, will fit line package, spell pair of C type iron core in again, and fastening the banding together, constitute the transformer. C core air gap can do is small, but also has advantages of small volume, light weight and high material utilization. Identify common power transformer core from the appearance, which has two kinds of E and C shape. E shape iron core transformer with shell type structure ( Core package coil) , use D41, D42 high-quality silicon steel sheet as core, widely used. C shape iron core transformer with cold-rolled silicon steel belt as core, magnetic leakage is small, small volume, a core structure ( Coil wrapped core) 。 From the winding number identification of common power supply transformer terminals have two windings, that is, a primary and a secondary winding, so there are four terminal. Some of the power transformer to prevent ac and other interference, often add a shielding layer between the primary and secondary windings, the shielding layer is ground terminal. Therefore, the power transformer terminals at least four. From silicon steel sheet laminated mode identification E shape of the power transformer silicon steel sheet is cross inserted, leaving no air gap between E and I pills, fit the whole core. Audio input and output transformer of E and I with a certain air gap between each piece, this is the difference between the visual and audio transformer power supply method. As for C type transformer, power transformer is commonly.
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