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The application field of inductor in daily life

by:Transmart     2022-12-27

Inductors can be said to be closely related in our lives, and our lives are inseparable from inductors, especially in the era of rapid technological development, any high-tech electronic products or related electrical products will use inductors. The use of inductors will allow all electrical appliances that are convenient for life to be used normally. Today I will talk to you about the application fields of inductors in life.

In the field of automotive electronics, although the domestic automotive electronics market has slowed down, the overall global demand has remained stable. With the popularization of emerging applications such as the Internet of Vehicles and ADAS advanced driver assistance systems, the once 'tall' reversing radar, in-vehicle entertainment , tire pressure monitoring, LED lights and other systems are installed as standard equipment on new models by more and more car manufacturers. Correspondingly, the demand for transformers for reversing radar, common-mode inductors for EMC filtering of CAN bus systems, 125KHz transponder coils, and dual-coil power inductors, which are required for these products, continues to increase. In the solar inverter industry, users have increasingly higher requirements for conversion efficiency and longer product life cycles, which put forward higher reliability and lower loss requirements for transformers and choke coil products. For chip inductors, the smaller size and lighter weight of end products have driven the development of products in the entire inductor industry towards miniaturization and integration.
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