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The iron core transformer troubleshooting

by:Transmart     2021-01-19
The iron core transformer troubleshooting - 2019 03 - 30 15:05:35 1) Check and white clapboard and folding screen should be without damage, discoloration, deformation, discharge, after evaluating suspected when the iron core transformer has abnormal should solve folding screen inspection on core winding. 2) Check the core winding insulation should be without damage, and check the insulation aging degree, can be divided into four grades, belongs to the four levels of insulation of winding, must carry out changing winding restorative overhaul. 3) Check the core winding should be no deformation, no tilt, shift, including the whole winding winding phase without deformation. 4) Check line displacement of bread there should be no block between the loose, loose if any should be in the original loose block between pad into the dry block and matter, block pad between online cake with the original block, in case the winding touch; If there was a displacement of the winding block application mallet to plastic block part of the displacement occurred. 5) Check the transformer core outsourcing of winding wire insulation should be good, if you have withered phenomenon, should disassemble, joint more should strengthen the inspection of large current. 6) Clean the surface of the winding and oil duct, there can be no dirt and fiber wool head attached to the surface and the oil duct, soft brush if necessary, wire insulation surface can't have burr, scratch and wrinkling. 7) Check upper and lower insulating distance, and insulation distance without exception. 8) Monitor the fastening of the transformer core body, three-phase winding should be axial compression, tighten. 9) If found to have metal powder and particles, reasons should be analyzed and source, and take corresponding measures.
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