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Transformer core magnetic circuit for channel magnetic flux

by:Transmart     2020-09-25
Transformer core magnetic circuit for channel magnetic flux. Using high permeability material ( Its ability to describe carrying flux material) Structure and good core technology can help provide the ideal path and low reluctance flux limit line flux in the core. The core is composed of many thin grain oriented silicon steel bar, called laminated, they each other through thin coating insulation electrical isolation ( But is still a magnetic coupling) 。 This is very important to reduce no-load loss of transformer. The core of the transformer core is the heat source in the transformer, and with the increase of core size, core within the cooling pipe may become needs. Such as short circuit core lamination problems will lead to the loss and may lead to a transformer core is overheating. The mechanical structure of the insulation of transformer core and earthing, put them together and support it, and then deliberately to be ground to a point. With each other through the cooling pipe isolated multiple core part of large transformer core can achieve core jumper in the core part together and a combination of a single wire will firmly connected to the ground. When transformer energizing ( Result in damage to the transformer partial discharge) And lead to the transformer can get some by coupling with the internal winding capacitance as core of current-carrying conductor of the path. Transformer load, unless the core firmly grounded. In the case of core insulation failure, core earthing can also guarantee the operation of the protection device. In order to pass the power/protection system to identify the fault line, transformer core need to be grounded, to provide electrical path back to power. Core is usually in a single point grounding, because many core grounding may lead to circulating current in the core and overheating. Transformer magnetic health is very important to the normal operation of the transformer.
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