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Transformer transformer core is usually a complete ring

by:Transmart     2020-09-27
When an electric current passes through the long, hollow coil, coil inside there will be strong magnetic field, and external coil will be weak magnetic field. Design of magnetic field lines through the coil, from the end of round outside and on the other end. These are not as real as the pencil lines. They are our imaginary lines, as shown in the sketch, the magnetic field is used to display mode: iron samples by magnetization of the magnetic field direction. Where the field strength is strong, dense lines. Use the air-core coil, lines form a complete ring. If you have any iron core coil, it will be magnetized, and when the current through is likely to make magnetic field is strong. Transformer transformer core is usually a complete ring, entwined with the above two coils. A connection to the power supply, known as the 'primary'; Another as the load power supply, referred to as the 'secondary'. Caused by the current in the primary coil magnetization stretching on the ring. Primary and secondary coil can be wrapped around the ring, as the iron will change from a coil magnetization transfer to another coil. There is no electrical connection between the two coils. However, they through the alternating magnetic field in the connection. When the primary current stability exist in the current secondary current has no effect, but if the current in the primary current changes, the secondary current will impact. The current in the primary current changes in the secondary circuit produces electromotive force. If the secondary connected to the circuit, the electric current. Transformer core is itself a coarse second ( Like a ring of coil) Magnetic core, and the change of the primary current on small circular voltage. Therefore, the core is made from thin wafer sandwiched together, each wafer surface coated with a conductor, making it a poor conductor. By looking at the edge of the transformer core can see the edge of plate.
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