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For replacement of powder materials research

by:Transmart     2020-10-11
In the case of dc offset and frequency scanning measurement of permeability, the inductor in a small pressure converter to measure the overall efficiency. Soft magnetic alloy material of BH characteristic and the iron loss is also investigated. Instead of powder material performance and comparison with the traditional core used as the inductance with ferrite core. Compared with the iron with ferrite core, the material shows good performance. High flux has high dc bias characteristics, and Sendust performance, under the high frequency of MPP core loss is low. Compare the all products, Sendust the integral effect of the best materials and the other is a product, they are not restricted by making the shape. Index terms: core material, high flux, inductors, MPP, powder, iron silicon aluminum, first we would like to thank or tutoring Anders Thors ´ en he provides all the help and feedback. Thank you or Joe, bill was salinger guidance and feedback. We would also like to thank the help of the supplier's contact information to provide opinions concerning the inductors and daily recommendations for him. After solution provide work for us.
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