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The formation of ferrite and its effect

by:Transmart     2020-09-29
They also have a steady decrease of permeability is much earlier than ferrite. From the Angle of EMI, soft magnetic alloy are also good because other parts of the air gap may interfere with the discrete system. Magnetic core's permeability depends on the size of the powder particles, the smaller particles. When they reach saturation inductance value will decline. Ferrite material is located in the lower Curie temperature, the high permeability before the Tc. Changes in magnetic material and not in the physical structure. However, if the materials exposed to changes, the physical structure can rupture. Also deals with ferrite materials. A collection of ferrite is composed of ferric oxide Fe2O3, magnesium, zinc is used for 5 MHz frequency. The iron oxide and other materials ( Such as magnesium, zinc, nickel and vanadium) Mix. Ferrite using frequency range is very wide, from kHz to GHz. Ferrite with high resistivity this reduces the eddy current loss, because it is hard to induction of a current in the iron core itself. Nickel zinc ferrite has the resistivity, and applies it to the frequency. A disadvantage of the ferrite is the saturation is low, about 0. 3 T, and their rate of breakpoint. Temperature 4 ℃ per minute. 2. 3. 2 powder pressed powder core material can be made up of different chemical elements, in order to obtain the required features. Using powder materials, core of the air gap will be evenly distributed on the whole core rather than standard clearance part of ferrite core. The distribution of the air gap will make the temperature of the material has good stability and low magnetic flux leakage. Powdered iron core inductor error range is usually for plus or minus 8%.
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