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To the performance of different frequency magnetic core

by:Transmart     2020-10-11
When it comes to frequency, ferrite and Sendust core has good performance, the need to consider the ferrite in the figure. Soft magnetic alloy because the ferrite core is a test equipment can't protect this kind of behavior is to spread to other ferrite core, or whether it is specified. Specific features. The overall performance of the powder material is good, and the difference between them is very small. Measurement when the frequency specification of different powder materials, make the Numbers on the chamber of commerce set up a frequency range is low, please see the 2. 3. Section 2. Set frequency limits can be seen from the tests, the deviation is not the main factor of manufacturers, but it may affect the loss. Usually, due to the magnetic core loss in the period, keep low switching frequency, rather than the permeability of the core deviation, but now because the switching frequency converter is pushed to the MHz range, this will affect the kernel, so with that in mind when structure circuit out of the comparison between measured value and the manufacturer. It shows 1 MHz of permeability and deviation between the measured value and provide value difference is very small. Large deviation is MPP and high flux of a considerable reduce to 125 (including micro metal values. The value of the two manufacturers are estimated according to the graph, may not be complete and accurate.
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