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Transformer core transformer structure is what

by:Transmart     2020-09-24
Many people think that the transformer is play a key role in today's society one of the basic electrical components. Without it, we may not like this to provide electricity for many homes and offices, nor will it provide more rural areas in the world. You would think that technology will be important for our daily life has complex structure, but when you break it down, transformer is just some basic components, has a theoretical possibility. Structure: transformer core transformer core transformer core is a metal structure, winding insulation coil and allowed to flow flux. Is usually made of iron or steel core and can be made into a variety of configuration: square, circular, E form, solid core, tubular and steel - even Laminated core. Can also use the core in the amount of clearance to limit the short circuit current. According to different application, the combination of each has its own characteristics, can minimize losses, or use high efficiency under high frequency. Winding transformer's input and output voltage/current depends on is called 'turn ratio' of wire winding. Is the primary side and secondary side, and each side of the winding is proportional to the voltage than the ratio of the number of said. On both sides by inductive characteristics, and through the transformer core flux influence each other. Traditionally, the electric transformer iron core formed by highly grain oriented silicon steel laminated. Over the years, in this kind of electrical steel has been significantly improved, to allow to decrease the size of transformer core, the manufacturing cost and by the loss of transformer core is introduced into distribution systems. With the rising cost of electricity, in the size of the power transformer, magnetic core loss reduction has become more and more important design considerations. For this reason, amorphous ferromagnetic materials are actively considering used in transformer core, in order to realize the core work loss significantly reduced.
An increasing dependence on the use of nanocrystalline cores custom transformer manufacturers has made numerous changes in the custom transformer manufacturers industry over the past decades.
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