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Ring transformer core discriminant method of quality

by:Transmart     2021-01-22
Ring transformer iron core quality stand or fall of 2019 - discriminant method 03 - 30 15:06:10 transformer is the core component of power conversion equipment, and the ring in the transformer core is the core component of transformer, once the ring core problems will seriously affect the normal work of the transformer, thus affecting the whole equipment. Therefore, core quality is very important. So, how to distinguish transformer ring core quality? Macroscopic observation: 1, the core of color and texture. Orientation is high quality ring transformer core used cold-rolled steel rolled seamless, generally is gray, caution of stripes. No orientation for white and grain gap is big. 2, the core thickness. Good core is rolled seamless, silicon steel sheet is relatively thin, the quality is better, because of the lower core eddy loss. 3, the core technology. Core surface is smooth, level off, the thickness is uniform and shear have burrs, etc. 4, also depends on the quality of the insulation layer, it is very important to a certain extent, reduce more short circuit. Instrument testing method: 1, the no-load test. According to the design of ring transformer, the core wire on a certain number of turns of the coil, on the size of the corresponding alternating current (ac), the size of the measuring current to judge the stand or fall of the iron core, the smaller the no-load current of transformer, shows that the quality of the iron core, the better, and the design of ampere turns is very reasonable. 2, load testing. Experience in the operation of the transformer in the test the change of temperature, temperature rise faster that the core loss is big, of course, can also focus on whether there is a noise in the transformer in operation, etc.
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