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Three-dimensional volume core knowledge is introduced

by:Transmart     2021-01-14
Three-dimensional volume introduced 2019 - core knowledge 03 - 30 15:05:36 3 d volume are key components of the iron core transformer winding type iron core. Three-dimensional volume no air gap in the core magnetic circuit, winding, three magnetic circuit length is consistent, and short, core core column cross section is more close to the circular, these structure characteristics make this kind of transformer has obvious advantages, such as save material, improve performance and reduce loss, lower noise, three-phase equilibrium and reduce the harmonic three times. While these advantages focused on a structure of transformer, is other structure of the transformer is hard to do. Three-dimensional volume core is a kind of winding type iron core. The iron core is made up of three identical single box split. Split after the iron core of the three core column is an equilateral triangle three-dimensional arrangement. Every single box is made up of a number of root trapezoid strip continuous winding in turn. After winding single box cross section near semicircle. After the split of cross section is very close to the whole circle of polygon. Different size trapezoid strip winding single box, suit cut processing by special line cutting machine. The suit cut processing can be done without waste processing that suit cut the material utilization rate is 100%. Winding is in special three-dimensional volume of the single frame core winding machine. The strip winding core winding machine, winding opportunities accurately completed automatically with 30 & deg; Slope Angle. To ensure that the three single box split, split face good adhesion.
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