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Transformer core multipoint earthing types

by:Transmart     2021-01-21
2019 - transformer core multipoint earthing types 03 - 30 15:05:37 core normally only one point grounding, this is the only reliable grounding; When appear above 2 points and grounding is called the multipoint earthing, transformer core multipoint earthing types mainly include: ( 1) Iron core lamination cock for some reason, touches a limb plate, multipoint earthing. ( 2) Core under a shoes insulation board with iron loss or damage, making shoes or iron yoke laminated touching one another and form a multipoint earthing. ( 3) Oil-immersed transformer oil thermometer on the seat cover is too long, and on the clip or iron yoke, next to the column edge touching one another, form a multipoint earthing. ( 4) The use of submersible pump for forced cooling of large and medium-sized transformer oil, as a result of the submersible pump bearing wear, metal powder in oil tank, accumulate in the bottom, under the effect of electromagnetic force, the metal powder forming bridge road, make the iron yoke and legs or tank bottom connected, form a multipoint earthing. ( 5) Iron yoke ladder between the surface of the wood block be affected with damp be affected with damp or not clean, with more clay, mixed slag to lower its insulation, constitute a multipoint earthing. ( 6) Fall into metal foreign body inside the fuel tank to make the iron core lamination between casing and connected, form a multipoint earthing.
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