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The characteristics of the saturated core reactor and its application

by:Transmart     2021-01-27
The characteristics of the saturated core reactor and its application in 2019 - 03 - 30 15:05:17 saturable reactor is a kind of magnetic amplifier, or rather, the main component of the magnetic amplifier. It is to use the saturation characteristic of ferromagnetic materials to smaller dc power change ac winding reactance value, to control the large ac power of a kind of electric equipment, and can also be used as a controlled reactor ( Controllable reactor are the development of a new type of reactor, such as controllable arc suppression coil with controllable shunt reactor, etc. ) 。 Usually called magnetic amplifier without feedback saturable reactor, but there are habits and often put the string of rectifier element of the saturated magnetic amplifier in the reactor also called saturable reactor. Here, the former can be called the conjugate streaming saturable reactor, the latter is called the saturation saturable reactor type, and in general all called saturable reactor. Saturable reactor is often used in: adjust electric furnace and a variety of electric heating device; Adjust the lighting; Used for arc welding device; Even the adjusting voltage; Short circuit current limiting reactor; As the adjustable cosφ The test load; Used as a stable ac voltage; Used in motor speed control and as a non-contact relay, etc. The conjugate streaming saturable reactor as power regulation, in series in the transformer primary winding, as shown in figure 1. Voltage generally have 400 v, 6000 v and 10000 v, etc. When the supply voltage U must change dc control current IK, can make the output voltage U1 changes within a certain range. In order to eliminate the harmonic current (three times of the reactor to produce Three core type) , usually set a short-circuit winding, the ampere turn equal to 40% of the dc ampere turn control. Figure 1 the conjugate streaming saturable reactor as connection of transformer power regulation since the saturation type saturable reactor in the secondary loop of rectifier transformer, as even adjust the dc output voltage of rectifier transformer, as shown in figure 2. In order to improve the working point of the saturable reactor, often around a number of turns for the control of winding circle number 1/2 of offset winding, and through a dc control current. Figure 2 since the saturable reactor as a rectifier transformer saturation type terminal of the dc output voltage regulation of saturated iron core reactor is used to adjust the voltage has the following characteristics: saturable reactor can be charged under continuous stepless smooth evenly ac voltage adjustment. But it is not like induction voltage regulator, manufacturing requirements of high precision, structural and rotational part; Is not as heavy as moving coil voltage regulator, high noise, high wear and tear. Compared with tapped reactor, in the same adjustment range, has the characteristics of uniform charged stepless adjustment. Saturable reactor has enough ideal place. It is to need to add a dc power supply system; Second, the reactive power loss caused in the circuit; 3 it is to have certain inertia ( Action time and action signals compared to delay for a period of time) 。
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