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No orientation cold-rolled silicon steel core technology trends

by:Transmart     2021-01-17
No orientation of cold rolled silicon steel core technology trends - 2019 03 - 30 15:05:12 currently, no orientation cold-rolled silicon steel is mostly used to produce motor iron core, including power station of large and medium-sized motor iron core, industry with a small motor iron core, the car with a small miniature motor iron core, small home appliances with micro motor iron core, various motor iron core on cold rolled silicon steel without orientation have different requirements. Some motor ( Such as car wiper motor) Require small size, core material requirements work flux density is high, therefore developed the silicon content is less than 1% without the orientation of the cold rolled silicon steel. Such a small size can also be used for electronic transformer silicon steel, some motor ( Such as air conditioning compressor motor) To frequency control of motor speed, working frequency from 50 ~ 60 hz, extended to from 10 to 1 KHZ, at the same time request core material under low frequency high flux density loss P1. 5/50 and intermediate frequency loss under P1. 0/400 is small, so the developed 0. 35 mm thick silicon content is 1. No orientation of 5 ~ 3% cold-rolled silicon steel. The silicon steel can also be used in the work of high order harmonic frequency electronic transformer and 400 hz frequency electronic transformer. Some motor ( Such as high speed printing machine motor) Speed up to tens of thousands of revolutions per minute, working frequency 400 ~ 1 KHZ, request core material loss of intermediate frequency P1. 0/400 and P1. 0/1 k is small, therefore developed the thickness of 0. 25毫米,0。 2毫米,0。 No orientation of 15 mm cold rolled silicon steel, this kind of silicon steel can also be used for intermediate frequency 400 hz, 1 KHZ even 10 KHZ frequency electronic transformer, motor iron core is mostly with plate piled up together, and it's mass production. So the development of cold-rolled silicon steel without orientation, require stamping processing performance is good, precision, performance, good consistency of material for small stamping production in large quantities as well as electronic transformer.
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